Thursday, 11 July 2013

Adult Games - An Intro

Welcome to The Dirty Gamer where we will be looking at some of the better current crop of video games for adults. These games are all about exploring  your sexual fantasies in customizable virtual worlds.

When a lot of people hear the term 'adult game' they think of the rather crude flash based online games that involve little more than clicking the mouse button over and over again. I've played many of these and yeah... they get old real quick!

Over the last few years though more sophisticated x-rated games have come out. These are more about letting the player roleplay in highly erotic environments. Some are online based and are similar in style to MMORPGs but the gameplay is obviously heavily sexually based!

If you've never seen one of these titles I want to tell you about the sort of things they are capable that set them apart from the basic taudry flash based games that we mentioned earlier.

adult game screenshot

A big aspect of some of these games is character creation and customization, both in terms of your own avatar and the playmates you can create to join you in your fantasy. I've found the more I can control this the better my naughty gaming sessions will be.

The best of these adult video games makes good use of character outfits. This can really add to the experience as you dress your self and playmates in all manner of sexy uniforms, lingerie, bikinis etc. You can go nude too if you are all wham bam thankyou maam!

The worlds or environments in which you play also are a factor and there are some really fantastic ones in games like Sexvilla. This particular title has a huge fan base and some players create addons for the game and share them via their forum.

Anyway, that's a basic rundown and we will look further next time!